Monday, April 4, 2011


A few notes from my experience with live chat:

-SYNC Gen1 - V3.2 is for 2011 models (as opposed to SYNC Gen1 - V3.1, currently the latest version for 2010 models).

-You can Master Reset SYNC. I don't have a touchscreen so for those of you that have SYNC without a touchscreen, here's the relevant instructions from live chat:

"To perform a Master Reset on SYNC: Press the PHONE button to access the PHONE MENU, then follow this path: SYSTEM SETTINGS > ADVANCED > MASTER RESET > OK to confirm. The Mater Reset will begin and will complete in a few seconds. A Master Reset will remove all corrupt files and bugs that were causing the issue, as well as all paired phones and media players (your updates will not be affected). They will have to be paired again. Note: if you can not find a specific option, then select RETURN, press OK, and look again."

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Anonymous said...

My Ford Sync stopped working on my 2013 Ford Fiesta Hatchback SE, the phone button and the Aux button isn't working how can I master reset?